Curtain Walling

Curtain Walling In Greater Manchester

In search of an external layer that offers immense rewards? Look no further than our team of reliable curtain walling contractors based in London and its surrounding areas. Our skilled professionals possess the expertise to create a top-quality external layer of protection for your tall building, offering a comfortable atmosphere within the premises. With our assistance, this could be one of the best business investments you have ever made.

As experienced curtain walling contractors, we specialize in installing two primary types of curtain walls that offer building protection, support, and aesthetic value. The first type, known as the stick curtain wall, is assembled piece by piece on-site, and is best suited for low-rise buildings. Despite the need for crane and scaffolding equipment, the lower shipping cost compensates for the high labor and time requirements.

On the other hand, the unitized curtain walling system is widely used in tall buildings and infrastructure in Manchester and London. With interlocking units, the full units are simple to install, making it ideal for skyscrapers. While there are no cranes required for this system, the transportation cost of the large units can be quite expensive and require considerable effort.

When choosing between these two types, consult with a trusted curtain walling contractor to determine which option is best suited for your building. With our expertise and commitment to delivering the best possible façade element, we are confident that our team of professionals will meet and exceed your expectations. Invest in our services for a superior external layer and a favorable environment within your building.